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Top Ecommerce Social Media App of the Week: Snapppt

Top Ecommerce Social Media App of the Week: Snapppt

In this week’s top marketing social media apps review, we’re looking at Snapppt, the number one social media app on the Shopify App Store.

Our top ecommerce social media app of the week is Snapppt

Let’s see how Snapppt can help your store get more traffic and sales from social media using this really cool app!

A quick look at our Snapppt review:

  • Connect to Instagram to automatically get images from your feed
  • Easily link images to your Shopify store
  • 589 reviews on the Shopify App Store – 95.2% positive reviews in total
  • Embed shoppable galleries and carousels easily
  • Free for anyone

Who are they?

Snapppt is an ecommerce social media app that allows you to quickly connect your Instagram feed with your store, meaning you can drive more conversions from your favorite social media platform.

They’re available on Shopify.

What do they do?

Snapppt allows your customers to shop your Instagram feed. We think this is pretty awesome.

After all, as you may already know, roughly 65% of Instagram users look through their feeds to find new, exciting brands, as well as to get some great online shopping inspiration.

If you don’t have any way to channel that kind of audience to your store, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

Snapppt lets you convert Instagram into your next high-converting customer acquisition channel, so that it’s easy for your Instagram followers to buy your products.

Snapppt review: use Snapppt to easily convert Instagram users to buyers

Who’s the team behind Snapppt?

The people behind Snapppt are Adeyemi Adeleye (Co-Founder & CTO) and Guy Schragger (Founder).

This team is really passionate about helping you use social media to increase your online sales.

What makes Snapppt so great?

First of all, it’s pretty easy to use.

Besides that, they really use our new visual-driven culture to help you take charge of your sales. They drive sales to your store from one of your greatest social media channels.

Further, you can also use the app to figure out what your best performing images are, meaning you can even use it to find out which products to highlight, which to improve, and which to use to increase your brand visibility and virality.

Can I see them in action?


Check out their cool Youtube video:

Any Snapppt discounts?

None needed!

Since Snapppt is free, you can just go ahead and start using it today:

Since they’re free, I see no reason why you can’t just try them out and see how it goes!

What do their customers say?

Lastly, let’s talk about Snapppt reviews.

After all, Top Ecommerce Apps is all about the people.

Snapppt has some of the best ecommerce social media marketing app reviews we’ve ever seen.

They have almost 600 reviews on the Shopify App Store, and more than 520 of those are glowing 5-stars.

Lots of great reviews on the Shopify app store for Snapppt

If you look at all the 4- or 5-star reviews, you get the following results:

95.2% of all Snapppt users love the app!

Just look at one reviewer:

Top Ecommerce Social Media App of the Week: Snapppt. Lots of great reviews on Shopify

Have you used Snapppt yet? Let us know how much you like it in the comments below!

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