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Top Ecommerce Sales App of the Week: Recart

Top Ecommerce Sales App of the Week: Recart

We’re proud to present you a new top sales ecommerce app for this week. Today we’ll be looking at Recart, which tops the Shopify App Store in the Sales category.

Our top ecommerce sales app of the week is Recart

So let’s see how Recart can help your ecommerce store  recover sales!

A quick look at our Recart review:

  • Already made $78 million+ in extra sales
  • Can be used to substitute 7 different ecommerce apps
  • 2879 reviews on the Shopify App Store – 97.3% positive reviews in total
  • Captures 5 times more emails
  • 28-day free trial. Lowest paid price is $29/month

Who are they?

Recart is an ecommerce sales  app that allows you to boost your ecommerce sales by using automated Facebook Messenger, email and push notification messages.

They’re available on Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

What do they do?

Recart promises to make it easy for you to connect to your visitors, subscribers and customers through various channels and with various features, including:

Facebook Messenger Marketing (Only at Recart)

Add to Cart Popup (Only at Recart)

Abandoned Cart Campaigns (Messenger + Email + Push Notifications)

Push Notifications (Welcome + Instant Campaigns)

Email Capture (Only at Recart)

Form Autofill (Only for Shopify Plus)

Abandonment Analytics

It’s pretty well understood that a lot of the people who come to your store won’t buy anything.

And then there is a small segment who will add items to cart but will then abandon. They were so close to the purchase–but something stopped them. If you don’t want to lose that sale, you need to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Get your ecommerce store set up now so that you won’t have to be behind and losing all that money in potential sales.

Recart allows you to send targeted messages to your customers through Facebook Messenger, as well as give you everything you need to recover abandoned carts.

Recart review: use Recart to get back your abandoned carts easily and seamlessly

This allows you to make the most of the customers and visitors you already have, rather than spending time and money on getting newer and newer visitors (many of whom simply won’t buy from you).

Who’s the team behind Recart?

The guys behind Recart are Soma Arnold Toth (CEO & Co-founder) and David Papp (Co-founder & Chief Architect).

Their team is dedicated to ecommerce and passionate about helping store owners get the most out of their business.

What makes Recart so great?

Too many ecommerce businesses focus on the acquisition part of their funnel.

They create Facebook ads and just keep on trying to get a broader or more targeted audience. The thinking is, at an average of 3% conversion rate, the more people they reach, the more sales they’ll have at the end of the day.

But they could instead focus on getting that conversion rate up, and one way is by staying in touch with your current subscribers or customers, and making sure you’re recovering your abandoned carts.

Recart helps you do just that.

They have 7 apps rolled into one great app. One of their most popular features is the automated Facebook Messenger campaign, which allows you to recover abandoned carts, send receipts and shipping notifications with discount codes, check in with a follow-up message after your customers have bought from you, and send reminders to recipients who haven’t used their coupon code yet.

All on autopilot.

And there’s a lot more they have to offer.

Can I see them in action?


The guys over at Kingpinning gave a great overview of the major features of Recart. Check it out below:

Any Recart discounts?

Oops! Unfortunately no.

However, they do offer a special extended free trial. You get the standard 7 days, plus an extra 21 days to see how your ecommerce store can benefit from Recart.

Check it out below:

We know that ecommerce app founders are usually quite flexible. You may not be able to find a mega discount online, but something that never hurts to do is this:

Just ask.

Try emailing and see what happens.

You never know. They might be able to offer you a fantastic deal. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out.

What do their customers say?

Recart is a great ecommerce sales app, and you can see it obviously from all the reviews they’re getting on the Shopify App Store.

At the date of publication, they have almost 2,900 reviews, and more than 2,500 of those are perfect 5 stars.

Top Ecommerce Marketing App of the Week: Recart. They have great reviews

If combine just the 4- or 5-star reviews (which means a great experience), you get the following results:

97.3% of all Recart users love the app!

Just look at the following glowing reviews they recently received:

Top Ecommerce Sales App of the Week: Recart. Lots of great reviews on Shopify

Have you used Recart for your ecommerce store yet? Let us know how much you like it in the comments below!

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